Amazing Epsom Salts

Most of us know that bathing in Epsom salts after a strenuous workout or deep tissue massage is beneficial.  But Epsom salts have so many other uses and make a great gift for your clients post treatment. 

Just two cups in a warm bath can:

Relax Your Body - Epsom salts dissolved in warm water are easily absorbed through the skin where the magnesium ions break apart from Epsom salt molecules and relieve stress by promoting the production of serotonin and reducing the effects of adrenaline.

Relieve Pain and Cramping - Epsom salts absorbed through the skin also work to relieve muscle tension, pain, and inflammation in joints.

Restore Muscle and Nerve Function - Epsom salts aid in many enzymatic functions, help to regulate fluid retention in cells, and facilitate the body’s use of calcium to transmit chemical signals throughout the nervous system.

Soothe Sprains and Bruises - Epsom salts can be used to alleviate the soreness from sprains and bruises because of its anti-inflammatory properties

Utilizing Epsom salts in your spa:

Pedicures - Epsom salts make an excellent foot soak that can help to treat athlete’s foot and toe nail fungal infections. Add a bit of antimicrobial Peppermint Essential Oil to stimulate circulation and provide a cooling and stimulating effect.
Body Scrub - Mix Epsom Salts with a carrier oil like Sweet Almond or Coconut then add a few drops of Essential Oils for an amazing body scrub.  Epsom salts remove dead cells, helping your skin to look healthier and feel softer. Try Lavender for relaxation or Eucalyptus for a great winter scrub.
Natural Face Cleanser - Mix a teaspoon of Epsom Salts with any facial cleanser for a deeper exfoliation.

*Simply Therapy utilizes a fine grain Epsom salt that is gentle enough to use in scrubs and cleansers.
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  • December 09, 2015
  • Simply Therapy