We often find ourselves and our clients stuck in the same old routines … day after day, year after year.  Why not try to tailor your wellness regime to fit the season.  Check out some of these tips to stay healthy and fit all year long!



Outdoor Cardio – still a great time to run or power walk.  On colder evenings check into your favourite Yoga Studio or work out at home with Yoga Tune Up.  A therapeutic massage with BIOTONE Aromatherapy Lotion or Deep Tissue Lotion will work out the kinks and relieve muscle tension and stress.


Skiing is excellent for building muscle, cardio fitness and fun!  Don’t forget your après ski Epsom Salt bath!  If you’re not into winter sports, it’s a good time to hit the gym and focus on strength training.  Massage away tense muscles with the Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager or for a serious deep muscle massage try the Thumper Sport for Active Lifestyles.


At this point it seems so far away … but before you know it spring will be here!  While cycling can be a year round sport, the intensity and focus picks up with the first signs of spring.  Outdoor sports like soccer and rugby kick into gear but so do sports injuries.  Always have on hand products such as Medistik, ICE IT and Thermaphore Moist Heat to treat inflammation and muscle pain.

SUMMER … sorry but we just can’t go there! 


  • November 16, 2016
  • Simply Therapy