EmbraceAIRPlus Back Support


This back support has a unique design which allows for true custom fitting! This is accomplished through pumping of the lumbar region or low back and use of a handly vertical adjustment mechanism to suit your unique spinal curve EmbraceAIRPlus was designed with the help of Chiropractors and Physiotherapists and scientific proof. This patented design lets you determine the firmness of...

Leg Support (Split or One Piece)


Special design supports without pressure, relaxing the hips and legs. Available in 1-piece design or Split-Leg design (Split-Leg Support allows multiple positioning options and allows you to position each leg individually for more advanced applications). Made in USA by Body Support Systems.   Note:  This is a special order item - please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

Neck Bolster


This neck bolster provides extra support and will help relieve muscle strain when used under the neck.  6" W x 13"L by 3"H Available in black only

Normalizer Pillow

Sold Out

The superior workmanship of the Normalizer pillow earned it the exclusive approval of the Canadian Chiropractic Association. The unique construction helps maintain the head and neck in proper relationship to each other. The patented design enables you to choose whatever position you prefer without losing the necessary support for a comfortable and restful sleep. NORMALIZER pillows are made of specially...

ObusForme Side to Side with Massage Back Rest


Superior lumbar support provides a comfortable sitting experience wherever you sit - in your vehicle, office or home Features Massage setting to relax lower back Gently supports the natural lumbar curvature of the spine Enhances overall posture by supporting proper spinal alignment Can provide relief from back pain aggravated by poor posture Can ease the pain caused by spinal disc...

PillowThotic Positioner Knee Spacer


People are not the same size, why should pillows be? Two removable layers create three potential sizes for a perfect fit. The PillowThotic Positioner Knee Spacer is contoured for your comfort and comes with a Bamboo pillow case which makes it hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial.  Features Premium memory foam is both soft and supportive Use open to elevate legs or closed...