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Anatomical Chart Trigger Points Flipbook :Understanding Myofascial Pain and Discomfort [2E]


Description: This easy-to-use flip chart book has a built-in easel, heavy-duty laminated and markable pages, and is a perfect visual aid for explaining the role of trigger points in causing pain and discomfort. The book includes 33 detailed anatomical illustrations of trigger points and affected pain sensitive areas, as well as 22 diagrams of pain relief exercises. Improvements in this...


Hot Stone Therapy (The Stone Massage Company) Instructional manual, DVD & certification course. Book

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 The Stone Massage Company unlocks the key to Hot Stone Therapy with this comprehensive kit featuring an instructional course manual, DVD and certification course.  Students are walked through the process of mastering this therapy.  Everything from the preparation of heating the stones to the principles and techniques of a full body routine are covered.

The Roll Model Method - Book


Pain is an epidemic. It prevents you from performing at your best because it robs you of concentration, power, and peace of mind. But most pain is preventable and treatable, and healing is within your grasp. Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe have taken life “by the balls” and circumvented a dismal future of painkillers, surgeries, and hopelessness...