Complete Stone Set - 50 PC


Recommended for a full body massage. This Premium Basalt Stone Set with a variety different shapes and size of stones, including hard to find specialty stones which will allow you  to offer a more therapeutic stone massage. The 50 Piece Set is truly a premium stone set at an incredible value,allowing you to take stone massage to the next level. Set Configuration:...

Hot Stone Heater


Designed specially to heat massage stones, these CSA approved professional stone warmers are available in two sizes. The 18 quart heater is recommended for full body treatments and is the ideal choice for massage or spa treatments. Its attractive stainless steel exterior makes it a visually pleasing addition to your therapy room. The temperature control dial features a "preheat setting"...

Mini Stone Set – 20 PC


A great starter set. The 20 Piece Basic Therapy Set is a great set to get started on your journey as a stone massage therapist or to integrate basic stone massage techniques into your therapeutic treatment. This basalt stone set was designed to offer you a starter set at an affordable price, allowing you the opportunity to add individual stones...

Purifying Stone Spray-500ml


Tea Tree & Sacred Sage - 500ml Specially created to treat massage stones and equipment and all other hard surfaces. Formulated with pure essential oils to combat bacteria and clear negative energy, it's the natural choice for all your stone therapy needs. Use this Purifying Stone Spray after the stones have been cleansed with the Stone Wash.  

Stone Wash - 500ml


  Sweet Orange & Lemongrass - 500ml Specially created to thoroughly cleanse massage stones and equipment. Formulated with pure essential oils, this concentrate safely and effectively cleans and removes all traces of oil and dirt without leaving behind any harsh chemical residue.

Toe/Finger Stones (set of 8)


Hot stones, when placed between the toes or fingers, help relax the muscles that take the most abuse when walking, wearing tight shoes, holding a pen, or typing on the computer. You will notice that the toes and fingers actually have spaces between them when they are fully relaxed after a treatment. Use this set alone, or while performing other...