Head Rest (Face Cradle) Cover - white flannel- flat (individual or 10 Pack)


  Our Headrest Covers are available in 100% Cotton Flannel - FLAT Size:  15 1/2"  x 14"  (available individually or in a package 10 only) WASHING INSTRUCTIONS FOR ALL LINENS: MACHINE WASH COLD / TUMBLE DRY LOW TO HELP REDUCE SHRINKAGE

Head Rest (Face Cradle) Cover-flannel, fitted with facing.


 The headrest covers fit snuggly over your crescent headrest and provides comfort to your clients while acting as a barrier between them and your table's vinyl. Headrest Covers  are available in 100% Cotton Flannel - Fitted    headrest cover (with facing)- May be used on all crescent pads   WASHING INSTRUCTIONS FOR ALL LINENS : MACHINE WASH COLD / TUMBLE DRY LOW TO...

Sheet , Semi-Bleached 72" x 90"


These over-sized sheets are great for Spa's and Massage Therapy Clinics, when you are looking for a more generous sheet for your clients. Heavy Cotton sheet can also be used as a light blanket. 100% flannel (cotton) - Available in Semi-Bleached only (Colour is off-white to light cream) Size:  72" x 90"

Sheet Set (3 pc) - Flannel


This package contains: 60" x 84" top sheet (Flannel) 32" x 75" x 6" drop Fitted Bottom Sheet (Flannel) Fitted Headrest cover with facing Available in white only

Shoulder Bolster Cover 4pk.


This cover fits our custom made shoulder bolsters and is machine washable.  Available in white flannel only (100% cotton flannel - use care when washing).  Open ended.   Package of 4  

Standard Bath Towel


This Ring Spun Bath Towel measures 22" x 44"  and is suitable for clinics and spas. (84% cotton and 16% Polyester) Available in white only. (Made in Pakistan) PLEASE NOTE:  THESE TOWELS ARE SOLD IN A PACKAGE OF 6 ONLY