Table Hammock - Earthlite


  Accessory Hammock Shelf provides extra storage space to keep blankets, towels, bolsters and sheets within easy reach. Attaches to the cables under the table and does not need to be removed to close the table.  Available in black only.

Table Top Massager


This portable desktop/tabletop massage support system is perfect for practitioners who want to bring massage therapy to any home or office.  (Even suitable for clients in wheelchairs).  You can set up on any desk or tabletop and it adjusts quickly and easily providing support for the head and chest.  Please note, this item is also suitable for those clients recovering from Vitrectomy surgery...

Vitrectomy Recovery Rentals


 Our range of recovery products will allow you to maximize your day-to-day functioning while maintaining the recommended face-down position in comfort. Seated Support - This chair provides seated support for daytime face-down recovery.  It easily allows you the opportunity to read or provide other options as recommended by your physician.  This portable chair is lightweight so it can be moved easily....