Chakra Gemstone Set - tumbled

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These semi-precious crystals are placed on the Chakra points to help clear energy - 7 stones per set



 The word "Diamond" evokes images of beauty, elegance and romance, yet the diamond is also the hardest, most abrasive stone known to man.  Diamancel has captured each of these qualities, creating a unique line of genuine diamond files.  Each Flexible Diamond Nail File in the Diamancel family has been designed for specific nail types to beautifully shape and enhance both...

Disposable Plastic Liners

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  Use plastic liners alone, or, with Therabath terry valour boots or mitts. Liners hold in heat for a longer therapeutic treatment and keep mitt/boot lining clean. 100 liners per package Extra large size fits both hands and feet (9" x 15") Perforated at the top for easy use Disposable

Essential Oils

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 100% Pure, for Therapeutic Use.   These Essential Oils can be added to oils, creams, lotions or gels to customize the therapeutic benefits to your clients or use in diffusers to enhance any room.  Available in 10 or 15 ml bottles. (see below for options)

Extractor- double ended


This double ended blackhead extractor features: Made with high quality surgical grade stainless steel Double cupped ends (with centre hole) Knurled slender body for better grip  

Face Mask - Ear loop Style (Non-Medical)

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These ear loop style face masks offer a secure fit and a flexible nose piece for added comfort. (3 ply) Box of 50