Dr. Cohen's Acuball is an easy to use, exceptional self-treatment tool.  Its patented design features apply 100% natural acupressure and heat to relax tight muscles, enhance joint movement, reduce nervous system irritation, stimulate blood flow to flush out built up muscle wastes, release natural painkillers and sedatives and improve nervous system, energetic flow.

The Acuball, is truly wonderful for releasing tight muscles and joints in the neck, low back, hips and legs. Its patented design is heatable and can be used directly behind your back to release spinal tension.

The smaller Acuball-mini  works wonders on the smaller muscles of the feet, arms and upper back.

Dr. Oz rated the Acuball "an alternative health MUST-HAVE for back and neck pain"

Used by professional sports teams, athletic trainers, physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists worldwide. 

Today's educated health care consumer is looking for empowerment - not dependence.  The practitioner that educates & inspires their patients to learn to help themselves will earn the ethical respect and admiration of their client - there is no better referral tool than that! Once patients start learning to help themselves using stretch/strengthen programs, postural awareness and self-myofascial release tools they improve and credit this to their practitioner because it all started with them.

The practitioner's job also becomes easier since stubborn areas the patient has worked on are now easier to treat - saving the practitioner's hands in the process.

In fact the very act of engaging in their own healing taps into patients' innate healing response improving treatment outcomes markedly.  Self-healing is a win-win, simple as that!

Fully funded for MVA patients in Ontario...