The BodyChoice Comfort Bolster System is an innovative body positioner that can be used in multiple ways in a variety of settings. Its unique design allows clients to comfortably lie face up, face down or on their sides while receiving therapy. It may even be used while clients are in a seated position. The BodyChoice Comfort Bolster System is infinitely more comfortable than a standard flat table because the Comfort Bolster’s design supports the body’s natural contours. The BodyChoice Comfort Bolster System is so versatile that it can be used for men, women, pregnant women, children and infants. What’s more, the combination of its elevated configuration and specially placed recesses and contours allows the therapist to more easily and effectively access key muscles and soft tissues of the clients’ body.


The BodyChoice Comfort Bolster System comes equipped with four supports: The Adjustable Headrest (with Removable Face Pillow), the Chest Support, the Pelvic Support and the Split Leg Support.