The word "Diamond" evokes images of beauty, elegance and romance, yet the diamond is also the hardest, most abrasive stone known to man.  Diamancel has captured each of these qualities, creating a unique line of genuine diamond files.  Each Flexible Diamond Nail File in the Diamancel family has been designed for specific nail types to beautifully shape and enhance both natural and sculptured nails.  The Diamancel Diamond Hand and Foot Callus Files are ideal for removing and softening rough, dry skin.

#1 - This flexible nail file is designed for those with fragile nails that are prone to breaking. Streamlined and precise, it’s ideal for personal or professional use, providing a smooth, even finish. Use this diamond nail file to finish your natural nails or for daily upkeep of thin, fragile nails. 

#2 -This flexible medium-grit nail file is suitable for most women with natural nails of average thickness. Ideal for daily upkeep, this nail file can also be used by beauty professionals to shape their clients’ sculptured nails.

#4 - The extra-coarse nail file is specially designed to shape sculptured nails. If you’re a beauty professional, this file will be an indispensable tool for shaping resin nails, gel nails and, especially, acrylic false nails.

#5-Our nail file for hand calluses gently removes dry, hardened skin on both sides of the nail. Thanks to its rounded contours, filing the skin all around the nails is a breeze. For best results, avoid use on wet hands.

#10-Durable, hygienic and ergonomic, thanks to its rubber handle, the medium-grit polishing file for feet is perfect for lifting and exfoliating dry, rough skin. With its coarse diamond texture, it will leave your feet soft and smooth.

#11-Do you suffer from unsightly foot calluses and continuous accumulation of dry, rough skin on your feet? The #11 “super” polishing file for feet is intended for those who need intensive foot care. Durable, hygienic and ergonomic, thanks to its rubber handle, the heavy-duty polishing file for feet is ideal for lifting and exfoliating dry, rough skin.

#20 -Do you suffer from large, unsightly calluses on your feet? Or if you’re a beauty professional, would you like to offer your clients high-quality foot care? The diamond foot callus file will help you quickly and efficiently soften calloused feet.