DR Thym disinfectant is made of essential oils specially selected to deliver highly effective disinfection..
DR-Thym is ideal to disinfect hard,non-porous surfaces (enamel, wood, metal, concrete, plastic, PVC, Vinyl
mirrors, glass) such as work areas, floors, counter tops, sinks, kitchen cabinets, showers, cutting boards,
toilet seats, garbage cans, doorknobs, tables, toys, telephones, sport equipment, examination tables, patient
chairs, desks or any other surfaces where bacteria, fungi and viruses may survive or multiply.                               CANADA HEALTH DIN No. 02498669
FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Available only in Canada




• Biodegrades easily
• More than 98% of ingredients from renewable sources
• Made of plant-based ingredients
• Non-irritating & non-toxic
• No chlorine, synthetic fragrances or ammonia
• Non corrosive on metal

 Spray or apply with a cloth and leave for 3 minutes.