Fabric Face Mask-Custom

These custom masks are available in 3 sizes and colours as shown below.  The ear elastic is adjustable. This model also features a metal tab so that it fits snugly over the nose.

Wash with care - hand wash only - soak the mask in warm soapy water for 5 minutes and flip the mask several times.  DO NOT rub the fabric together as this will damage the integrity of the fibers.  Rinse in warm warm water and hang to dry.


 Measure the width of you face using a flexible measuring tape

Face Width- measure from ear to ear, just in front of the Tagus (the front of your ear opening). The tape measure will go across your nose. The measurement minus -1 inch is your width.

 Face Length- measure from the bridge of your nose up to 1 inch below the chin

 Compare all measurement against the chart below. Since face/head sizes varies by person and is not connected to age, it is important to measure yourself or who the intended wearer is for the best fit. Elastics  over the ear have an adjustment piece.


                 SIZE                            FACE WIDTH                             FACE LENGTH

                XSMALL                            8 ½                                              5                         

                SMALL                              10                                                 6

                MEDIUM                          11                                                 6


solid red
black polka dot
blue/white paisley
red polka dot
red/white paisley