Product Summary

From the makers of the popular Body Back Buddy, this versatile massage tool packs powerful benefits. Designed to soothe muscles and tension all over the body, experience the relief of this miracle ball. Simply roll the Footstar anywhere you need a massage and release pain, soreness and stiffness. Perfect for use at home, work or on-the-go.

Product Detail

The Footstar Massage Ball from the Body Back Company is only 2” in diameter but big on results. Covered with a special texturized surface, roll the Footstar wherever you want to relieve tension, release knots and trigger points, increase blood flow or promote healing.Relaxing and restorative, this versatile tool allows you to control how light or deep you want your massage by applying different levels of pressure. Even customize treatments and take advantage of the Footstar’s unique size to focus on specific muscles, tendons or trouble spots. Recommended for reflexology, an informative accompanying card illustrates various points that simultaneously comfort the soles of your feet while stimulating connected areas of the body. Regular use of the Footstar may relieve and/or prevent aggravating conditions like plantar fasciitis. Made of flexible plastic polymer, the Footstar is solid, durable and easy-to-clean. Perfectly portable, take it wherever you go for immediate effective relief. Roll away stress with the Footstar Massage Ball. Easy and fun - a great gift or treat for you!

Features and Benefits:

  • Special nodules on ball massage away tension and knots for deep relaxation, healing and wellness;
  • Versatile tool supports varying pressures;
  • Unique size targets specific problem areas;
  • Includes reflexology card for simultaneously comforting feet and stimulating connected points;
  • Regular use may relieve and/or prevent conditions like plantar fasciitis;
  • Flexible plastic polymer is solid, durable and easy-to-clean;
  • Lightweight and effortlessly portable.