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Flexibility, core strength and post-workout recovery are vital components in any fitness program. When you’re exercising on the go, the effective way to increase flexibility and speed-up recovery is with the GoFit Go Roller.

The GoFit Go Roller is the perfect tool to awaken tired muscles and help knead aching muscles when traveling. This travel-sized and unique roller has an open-core design, that offers core and upper body strength training that you just can’t do with traditional rollers. When you’re on the go and have limited space for exercise gear, the GoFit Go Roller is the ideal traveling companion.

Go Roller Features: 
• Size is perfect for travel and on the go athletes
• Varied pattern offers deep tissue massage

• Dense, closed-cell foam offers a soft touch, while the rigid core provides firm, long-lasting support

• The open core design allows for both core strength and massage applications.

• GoFit Go Roller: 4" diameter x 12" length

• Myofascial Release Ball, for deeper target-point therapy

• Mesh Carry Bag, for easy portability

• Go Roller Training Manual