Good2Go™ Cervical 5" x 16"

5" x 16" size is designed to wrap around the neck, jaw, sinus or any small joint for convenient, portable moist heat therapy.  Good2Go™ microwavable heat packs contain a patented filling, composed of non-allergenic crystals that do not leak, develop unpleasant odors or encourage the growth of mold and fungus.  The non-organic crystals have a distinctive honey-combed surface to absorb up to 40% of their weight in atmospheric moisture that a couple of minutes in any microwave can quickly generate into a comforting moist heat vapor.  A cozy deep-pile cover in a multi-ply design drives moist heat toward your body.  Held snugly in place with a wide elastic and Velcro strap, heat is focused right where you need it most - for therapy that’s Good2Go™!