Professional Bamboo Tool Set

Professional Bamboo Tool Set includes all the tools you need to get started in bamboo massage. 

It includes the following:

  • Two .6" x 6.3" round, solid bamboo sticks
  • One .6" x 9.8" round, solid bamboo stick
  • Two 1.3" x 6.3" semi-circular, solid bamboo sticks
  • Two 1.3" x 6.3" round, solid bamboo stick
  • One 1.3" x 15.7" round, solid bamboo stick
  • Two .6 x 15.7"round, solid bamboo sticks
  • Two round, hollow bamboo sticks that can range between 5"-.6" wide and 7.9" long
  • Two round, hollow bamboo sticks that can range between 8"-.9" wide and 7.8" long
  • Two round, hollow bamboo sticks that can range between  8"-.9" wide and 17.5" and 19" long
  • What is bamboo massage?

    Bamboo massage is an eco-friendly way to deliver a relaxing massage while taking pressure off therapists’ joints.   The bamboo tools are used as an extension of therapists’ fingers, thumbs, palms and forearms while the therapists’ joints remain safe from overuse and injury. Bamboo tools can be used while administering many massage techniques including Swedish massage, deep tissue and trigger point therapy.

    Why bamboo?

    Bamboo has been a staple in many Asian cultures for several centuries.  It is both functional-- being used in furniture, cooking utensils, and clothing; and spiritual-- symbolizing strength, youth and even fertility.  Bamboo grows quickly and it is easily renewable making it both friendly for the earth and affordable.  Bamboo retains heat well giving therapists the ability to apply heat to their clients’ muscles while administering massage with bamboo massage tools.

    How do you give a bamboo massage?

    There are several ways to administer a bamboo massage.  Typically therapists will apply oil, lotion or cream to their clients before starting the massage.  Therapists will then choose an appropriately sized bamboo tool to work a particular part of their clients’ body.  Large bamboo sticks are used to work larger muscle groups while smaller ones can be used on smaller parts of the body or for trigger point therapy.  Therapists will roll, knead, stroke, tap, and apply pressure to the clients’ body using the bamboo sticks.